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Simply Supported

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Easy to install
Light weight
Custom Made
modern, simple
for a durable
composite performance
over ten years of proven

Compare how easily AirBalcony installs!

Typical Low Rise  Balcony Installation:

  1. Install scaffolding
  2. Install support means (cantilever or with front supports)
  3. Hang joists
  4. Install plywood deck
  5. Install waterproof membrane
  6. Install sleepers
  7. Install top deck surface
  8. Paint
  9. Install railings
  10. Remove scaffolding

AirBalcony Simply Supported:

  1. Install support beams (cantilever or with front supports)
  2. Install railings while AirBalcony is still at ground level
  3. Forklift your prefab AirBalcony into place
  4. Install optional trim pieces

In four easy steps it is done!

AirBalcony Integrates

The Simply Supported AirBalcony installs very quickly into any residential project.  Using the same building methodology as you would use on a wooden deck, the AirBalcony drops in to place and secures to the wooden or steel beams of your building’s structure in minutes.  Any standard approved railing system can be installed down in to the AirBalcony’s structure easily and securely, and the included finish pieces are secured into place to give it a clean, modern look.  Have a specific project in mind? We can adjust the size, colour, and shape of the AirBalcony to suit your unique project needs.

Product Features

Custom made

AirBalconies can be tailored to meet the specifications of your project in size, shape, colour and finish.

Easy to Install

Simply Supported AirBalconies drop right in to place and install in minutes to your building's structure. Add your standard railing system and finish caps quickly and easily.


AirBalconies are durable. Unlike wood balconies, they do not warp, rot, distort, or crack, and can resist sun, ice, and variable weather temperatures.


AirBalconies weigh less than other waterproof balcony systems, which use multiple layers of wood, joists, built up membranes, or concrete to achieve a similar quality performance.


AirBalconies are completely waterproof. Standard balconies leak down rain, dirt, dust, and debris from upstairs neighbours, while AirBalconies keep you clean and dry.


Our AirBalconies are very cost effective to purchase, but also save you money up-front in reduced labour costs during installation and in the long run on maintenance costs.


Despite their weight, AirBalconies can hold tremendous weight. Our products have been tested to over 250lbs / sq.ft. which far exceeds industry requirements.

Have a specific project in mind?

Contact Us!
AirBalconies can be tailored to your unique specifications and quantity requirements.  Whether you need one for a simple residential balcony or one hundred for a high rise condominium, we can produce to meet your demands.