Frequently Asked Questions

Does the AirBalcony contain plywood?

No! The AirBalcony is 100% composed of inorganic materials.  It will not rot, swell, or split.

Does the AirBalcony bounce or flex?

No! The AirBalcony is engineered to feel as secure as concrete.  You have to experience it to believe it.

Does the AirBalcony dent?

No! The composite construction is extremely tough, with a flexibilized gelcoat surface that is resistant to dents, scratches, and scuffs.

What about fire?

Even for low-rise (compostible wood frame) installations, the AirBalcony uses 100% Fire Retardant resins.  It will self-extinguish as soon as the flame source is removed.

Is the AirBalcony slippery when wet?

No.  The standard finish is similar to brushed concrete, with optional more aggressive non-skid finishes also available.

Can the AirBalcony match the colour of my siding?

Yes.  A full palette of colours are available.

What kind of widths are available?

The width of AirBalcony can vary to suit your design.

What kind of depths or spans are available?

AirBalcony is capable of spanning up to 2.5m or 8.2’

What thickness is available?

The thickness of AirBalcony can vary to suit your design. From as thin as 5” to as thick as 12”.

Is there a built in slope to AirBalconies?

Yes! We recommend that AirBalconies be manufactured with a 1-2% slope of the top deck. This means that you can install AirBalcony level and your drainage is already taken care of.

Does AirBalcony have a brick curb?

Yes! AirBalconies are manufactured with an integrated brick curb to help prevent water ingress and to align the surrounding building envelope elements.

What is the spacing of the internal ribs?

The internal support ribs are on 16” centers.

How far do the ribs extend into the concrete floor of a building?

24” which is standard in concrete construction.

How much does AirBalcony weigh?

AirBalcony weighs 5lb per square foot of area.

Does AirBalcony feel solid?

Yes! AirBalcony is as stiff as concrete or steel. There will be no discernable flex of the balcony under any load. 



What long term maintenance will AirBalconies require?

AirBalconies require very little long term maintenance. The balconies can be repainted with very little surface preparation. You can expect your previous balconies long term service budget to disappear when using AirBalconies.

Will the colour fade over time?

Any coloured surface exposed to UV radiation has a tendency to fade and the gelcoat finish of AirBalconies is no exception. You can expect the colour to fade slightly in hue after 10 years of sun exposure. 

How do are minor scratches or blemishes dealt with?

Scratches, dents and chips are no problem for AirBalconies. They will continue to function properly with an endless amount of cosmetic damage. These blemishes can be repaired by non-professionals using a CCIB supplies surface repair kit. 

What is the expected lifetime of an AirBalcony?

You can expect your AirBalconies to function maintenance free for up to 25 years. At this point a surface re-coat may be required.  

Does CCIB supply or install railings?

CCIB does not install railings, however we are available to cooperate with your railing supplier and installer to make sure that the railing specification process goes smoothly for your project.  

What kinds of railing systems are compatible?

We have designed AirBalconies to be compatible with almost every kind of railing system. Front and top mounted railings are ideal.  

How do the railings mount?

Railings can be mounted into the top surface or the front face of AirBalconies using standard railing lag bolts. More detailed images of railing mounts can be found in our resources section.  

Can I mount my railings anywhere on an AirBalcony?

AirBalcony railing mounts are designed to be bolted into a special high-density block which is embedded within the balcony. Since these areas of high-density material must be specified beforehand, it is important that you mount your railings in the exact position specified. 

Can we use a barbeque on an Airbalcony?

Yes, however. It is not advised that you use a barbeque on any residential balcony.

Is AirBalcony approved for non-combustible construction?

Yes, AirBalcony has been tested and approved by NRC for use on non-combustible construction in Canada.

Which fire test/standard does AirBalcony conform to?

The fire test for AirBalcony was created bespoke for our product. However the basis of the test consists of a modified method for testing combustible cladding. NRC will incorporate this new method of fire testing into subsequent evaluations of balconies.

How do AirBalconies arrive on site?

AirBalconies can be shipped using any standard freight carrier. The balconies will arrive completely finished on-site, ready to be lifted into place.